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It’s an amazing time we live in. A time when literally any fleeting thought can be manifested into reality with the help of  technology now at our fingertips. We can do things like, say, start a technology blog for moms from our cell phone between sips of latte at Starbucks. Which, by the way, is exactly how GoTechMom got started, not so long ago. Of course, that was after hubby planted a few seeds during an afternoon walk through the nature center one day. He told me that I always loved  talking about  technology, and that I “lit up” at the latest possibility of each new gadget or gizmo. He convinced me that other people would be interested in hearing about what works, what doesn’t, and would appreciate having a place to connect and learn.  So here we are, GoTechMom. And here’s to all of YOU, all my alpha mom readers who continue to  inspire me daily. I hope you enjoy GoTechMom and learn a few things along the way making your multitasking lives a little easier. The photo, by the way, is of me and my husband during that walk through the nature center when he convinced me to launch GoTechMom. Thanks hon! You were right! (Did I just say that?!)


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