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Need proof of the Easter Bunny?

Poor Lucas. He may need a little therapy after this Easter Sunday’s antics.  It’s not entirely our fault. It started on Christmas Eve when my then 7-year-old-son and his two elder friends attempted to “spy on Santa” by setting up an iPad near the Christmas tree, then dialed into Skype from another device from their cozy beds upstairs. They fought long and hard to stay awake and monitor the full evening’s affairs while visions of sugarplums, toys, and future electronics danced in their heads.

Alas, they awoke the next morning on Christmas Day to finally prove Santa a fake —but wait! What did appear on that handy iPad spywear downstairs?  Santa, caught red-handed delivering presents under Lucas’s very own Christmas tree! Thanks to a little help from the brilliant iPhone app from Capture the Magic.


The older two kids were flabbergasted.

My son was completely elated, showing the video to anyone and everyone—including our minister—who would allow him a moment of viewing.

And finally the day came—Easter Eve—to do it all again.

So last night, up went the iPad in the living room. On went the adjoining, connected iPhone from the bed upstairs. And then silence ensued for a good 30 minutes while the two of us laid in bed, waiting and watching…

After a few sleepy yawns, a voice from down the hall announced he was going downstairs to “turn off the lights”, and off they went. “Thanks, daddy.”

Then suddenly, a vision appeared on our iPhone we were using to monitor the Easter Bunny—but wait, it was not that of a cute fuzzy, cherry-cheeked bunny—but one of a most haneous, foul-looking, evil rabbit moving back and forth in front of the camera. (A scary photograph daddy was holding in front of the camera downstairs) It was beyond even Tim Burton’s imagination.

“AUGHHHH!!!” yelped Lucas as he dove further down under the covers.

“Daddy!!!!”  I hollered, begging for the trickster to reveal himself.

Not funny, daddy.

After lots of hugs, admissions, and then apologies, we were finally okay again. But when I asked Lucas if he wanted to continue spying on the Easter Bunny, I got an entirely different response:

“Turn it off.”

Easter Bunny

Part of me was tempted to recreate the sweet morning visit from Peter Cottontail by using the Capture the Magic app but this year, I thought we’d done enough.

How was your Easter Sunday? Passover? Do you have any yearly traditions that your kids love? Please share!

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