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Rally your groups, IRL and remotely.

If you’ve ever wanted to rally your crew, be it your local Pee Wee Hockey Team, book club, political group, weekly chapter meetings, women entrepreneur besties, or even your remote co-workers, Rallyhood’s mobile app and desktop platform empowers you to do just that. 

What is Rallyhood exactly? It’s all the best features of the tools we love most, rolled into one. 

Think Basecamp for moms, with organized files, docs, photos, lists, calendars, email and text. 

Add in the idea of a SignUp Genius functionality, where you can get your troops enlisted and moving.

There’s also a payment feature using Stripe, event planning, task management, member directories and analytics, just to name a few..

I must confess, when it comes to apps and technology, I’m a terrible critic. There are so many ideas that have either “been done” or are simply not useful.  But sometimes, you see technology so ahead of the curve, you know it’s a win.  I wanted to find out more from the source. 

Rallyhood is the brainchild of Patti Rogers, who upon receiving a life-changing cancer diagnosis was in search of something to help her organize information, communication and treatment scheduling. There just wasn’t anything out there to do what she needed. Improvising, Patti found herself leaning on a sea of various online tools and apps including emails, texts, and calendars to cloud solutions housing online information, sign-ups and fundraising sites.  Patti soon realized that if she needed something like this, so did everyone else. So began her mission to build Rallyhood as a way to help others do good in the world. 

Patti is quite an accomplished and remarkable woman. Take a moment to watch her video above. Then roll up your sleeves, and go do some good in the world <3.

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