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3 Free Ways To Have A Fun & ‘Appy Halloween!


If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably head out for Trick-or-Treating around 5:30 or 6 PM with plenty of light outside. But before you know it, night has fallen and costumed kids will be running amass making it impossible to identify which one is yours. You could dress your little ghoul as Luke Skywalker (again) complete with a brightly-lit lightsaber making him easy to spot. Or you could download the iHandy flashlight app which transforms your mobile phone into a fully-loaded flashlight, great for any time. Tip: Keep this app as the FIRST app on your home screen, so you’ll have quick access to it when walking down dark roads, reading menus in lowly lit restaurants, or struggling to read yule tide lyrics when Christmas caroling at night. Get it here.

Practice Carving Your Pumpkin digitally first.

Pumpkin Maker is a festive mobile app that lets your kids continue the fun of creating their spookiest, silliest, or craziest jack o’lantern time and again—without the carving. Let them go at it to design their most interesting pumpkin face. They can choose from pumpkin type, shape and color, then pick out eyes, nose, ears, mouths, and accessories. When they’ve given their pumpkin a thumbs up, go recreate the same face on a real pumpkin they’re sure to love. Just a note, the app is free and you’ll have plenty of fun using the limited features available, but if you want to access the FULL menu, you’ll have to buy additional pumpkin selections. The free app is enough for us – get it here.

Share the fun with a creepy photo of your little monster

My sweet little pumpkin : )

PhotoFunia was a favorite photo app of mine years back. They were one of the first to serve up fun filters and innovative technologies like face identification and editing on an angeled perspective. When I revisited PhotoFunia recently, I discovered a wealth of new looks, like this one  found under “Miscellaneous”, which transforms your original photo into a eery personal sendable. Take a photo of the kids, of yourself or snag a photo of a friend and surprise them with their new look. Maybe even make it your Facebook profile picture for the week leading up to Halloween.
Check it out here— it’s free too.

Well, that ought to keep you busy for while.  How are you planning to spend your Halloween? How many bags of candy does your house go through? Don’t forget to take photos! Here are some photo tips for a great composition.

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