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Is your home ready for bikini season? Try making it warm&inviting by Libby Langdon.

Start with a neutral base, the same as, let’s say a neutral solid dress, then add your accessories.
Start with a neutral base—the same as, let’s say, a neutral solid dress—then add your accessories.

Ah, the first day of summer. What a perfect time to give the home a summer refresh on a shoestring. Now, for those of us moms smart enough to know that choosing a neutral, earth-tone furniture base gives the perfect foundation for changing up accents per mood or season, you’ll be happy to learn of the new secret find, warm&inviting, a new line of home décor from designer and TV celebrity makeoverist (is that a word?) Libby Langdon.

So here’s the scoop. Libby Langdon, host of Daykeover—where, in less than 12 hours, she transforms the homes of her clients—now has her very own collection of stylish décor at Walmart. Yes, Walmart. So you know what that means; you’ll get those top designer styles at prices that can’t be reckoned with. Just take a look at these sleek and sophisticated looks designed to instantly transform your home. Notice in the following photos, the furniture base stays relatively the same. But accents like Libby’s bold colored pillows, poufs, rugs and throw blankets completely change the overall look.


Libby is super excited to develop the warm&inviting collection, partly as a way of creating the things she personally was in search of for her clients, but could never find.

“I was thrilled to be able to work on a collection for and present the styles and looks they were missing that my makeover TV and private design clients repeatedly ask for.  It was also important for me to take some of the guesswork out of the design process for shoppers and show how to use the various accessories together to get a designer look in their own homes… for a lot less!” 


Here at, we can be a little guilty of neglect when it comes to keeping our space looking lovely.  Too often the toys are strewn, the bunny is loose, and we’re frantically searching for misplaced iPads and gadgets in hopes of finding an app that can organize it all. We’re pretty excited to discover warm&inviting by Libby Langdon available only at, meaning that at the click of a mouse, a “quicky” home makeover can be ordered, in the mail, and shipped to our living room to reflect that oh-so-together-and-stylish-mom we covet and seek to be. And by the way, warm&inviting is just so perfectly named, as everything in the collection—from sleek & sophisticated to bold & colorful—all create an alluring and inviting atmosphere.  Check it out. And tell ’em GoTechMom sent you.


This post is sponsored by Walmart.

What’s your design style? Bold and Beautiful? Soft and Understated? Eclectic and Creative? Here’s your chance to mix it up perfect to your liking. Let us know how it goes, and tell us what works best in your home.  Look forward to hearing from you!


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