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Vacation Apps to Pack for Summer


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Now that summer is almost here, chances are you’ll soon be packing for a weekend getaway or a week to somewhere fun and fabulous. After you’ve gone down your list for what to put in your luggage, make sure your phone is properly outfitted with the apps you’ll need during your trip.


Organize Your Itinerary

TripIt LogoFor starters, make sure you download the free version of Tripit and sign up with a user name and password. You may need to login through your computer at to register your account to get your personal Tripit email address where you’ll send all of your itinerary to in the future.

Once you’re registered, just forward those email confirmations you get for airline flights, car rentals, or hotel reservations to your Tripit address (e.g. It will magically sort, organize, and sync your information with your mobile Tripit app. You’ll have access to airport maps, alternate flights updates and all of your information organized in one convenient place.

iHandyBring A Flashlight

The iHandy Flashlight should be one of the first apps you download because you’ll use it not just traveling, but reading menus in dark restaurants, navigating through parking lots, fumbling with camping gear, lighting up blackouts and in a zillion others situations. It’s particularly handy for traveling for all of those reasons, and also because it’s always nice to have an extra light on hand when you’re in new territory.

Remember Your Alarm Clock

ClockIt’s already built in to your iPhone, but it’s easy to forget to use it. We love the mobile clock because you can adjust the time according to county and set alarms that are guaranteed to wake you up.


Keep Medical Records on Hand

When you’re traveling, and even when you’re not, keep your family’s medical records together all in oneMy Medical handy place with My Medical for your iPad and iPhone. You can create profiles for each family member with information connecting to your contact list and calendar. Store immunizations, office visits, photos of important documents plus loads more.

Take Lots of Videos

Super 8Photos are fun, but videos are even better. You’ll want to add the old-fashioned movie-making app Super 8™. It adds instant nostalgia to your footage making it look like it’s being shown on an “old school-style” film projector, complete with scratchy film and light flickers.

Bring a Part-time Babysitter

NetflixIf you have kids, chances are this app is already downloaded on your device. If it’s not, get it before you travel. Most hotels have wi-fi, so you can watch a movie from your Netflix account without having to pay those extra hotel fees. It’s also pretty helpful when your kids are antsy in the room while you’re still getting ready in the morning.

Be Sure to Earn Points

Award WalletMake sure you’re earning the most rewards for your travels and tracking them with Award Wallet. This app gives detailed updates on all your rewards programs for hotels, car rentals, airlines, shopping credit cards, dining and more. This may be the most organized you’ve ever been.


Bring a

Rad.ioThere are a few great streaming music apps out there, but we keep coming back to It lets you choose your music by country or genre and has some pretty cool stations—especially if you like GLEE. No worries, there are plenty of others, too!

Safe and happy travels, wherever your adventures may take you!

Got a favorite travel app? Share it with us below with the reason why you like it. We’re always looking for new things to cover. Want more travel apps? Try some of these.


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