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Seems like only a minute ago Ashton Kutcher was reinventing the world of social media by posting video portals into his private life using Qik, a novel mobile phone application at the time which let you shoot video from virtually anywhere and post it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. With every video clip Ashton posted, a viewing audience of thousands would instantly emerge. It was a new way to broadcast,  followed by chatting and tweeting sessions with Ashton in real time. This mobile video technology changed the social media playing field—as well as woke up the broadcast world—and has continued to grow ever since.

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Along the way, there have been other video applications, but none as promising as the recently launched Vine, birthchild of the cryptic 140-character interface, Twitter.  And with such an impressive and short-attention-span bloodline, it’s only natural Vine’s platform is limited to a mere six seconds. Nevertheless, it’s the perfect amount of time for nearly half of a :15 commercial. Or a comfortable four to five frames of video to demonstrate a product, show off your kids artwork, mystify an audience, or embrace someone with a short, touching story.

Unlike other video applications, Vine only records while you’re holding the record button. Animators have embraced this feature allowing for frame by frame videos which look pretty impressive at the end of six seconds. Another of the very first adopters however (they are always so ahead of the rest of us) was the porn industry, being ever so creative with those six second loops. Thankfully, Vine is monitoring all x-rated posts and is getting better at keeping the platform porn-free, but I suspect this might take awhile to get it squeaky clean.

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One week after Vine’s launch, I was introduced to ZipaClip
I decided I would review this app only after weighing the fact that if I did want to send family videos over the internet, there are few ways of doing so other than posting them publicly on YouTube to share. How could I  send a video of a vacation? A wedding clip, sports game or kid’s birthday?  ZipaClip does come in handy as long as both parties have the app, which by the way is free.  My second reason for reviewing the app is because its super private nature reminds me of the adolescent-crazed Snapchat which had/has our pubescent kids snapping and sending photos that are pre-set to disintegrate after the viewer gets an eyeful. “Sexting,” so it is dubbed. So while the GoTechBabe part of me is fascinated by the new ZipaClip’s very private platform, the GoTechMom part of me feels obligated to educate and inform.

What’s your take on video sharing? Do you know which apps are on your kid’s phones? How do you separate your apps from theirs? The more you share, the better off we all are. Thanks!



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