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Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Sweetheart


How do you say “I love you to the man or woman of your dreams? That depends on what makes the heart flutter for your unique lover. For some, it could be a romantic night out. For others, you might want to accompany it with a sweater, tie or cologne. Then… there are us tech geeks.

mobile-gorillapod iPhone tripod
iPhone tripod Gorillapod

The Shutterbug  — With so many cool new photo and video apps out now (have you downloaded Vine yet?),  a tripod for your mobile phone has moved from  a “nice-to-have” to a “must have.” Check out this iPhone tripod: The Gorillapod GripTight PhoneCam ClampStand (say that 3 times fast). It’s small and handy for when and where you need it.

My Music Playlist
Make a special playlist

The Music Man — Make a music playlist of your favorite shared romantic songs and burn it onto a CD.  If you’re good with art programs, custom design a CD label for it for finishing touches. Otherwise, Sharpie Pens and stickers work just as well. This is a heartfelt gift with more meaning than money can buy.

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 5.47.24 PM
Latitude longitude pendant

The Adventurer — Engrave the coordinates of the location where you met onto this discreetly designed pendent and  you’ll always have that wonderful memory of “butterflies” close to your heart.

We found the Latitude Longitude Pendant at Uncommon Goods, one of our favorite stores.

Social Media Icons
Say “I Love You” through social media

The Social Media Maven — If your sweetheart is into social media, make sure you broadcast your love to the world as long as the feeling is mutual. Send a poem, photo or art card with a verbal expression of how you feel. Make sure you tag it or @reply your honey so they too will see your message of love.

I Love You Fun Keyboard
I Love You Fun Keyboard

The Techie — Say “I love you” with a surprise message on your honey’s keyboard on Valentine’s Day morning with “I Love You” Keyboard décor . We think it’s better than getting flowers. But that’s just us.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machines
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machine

The Coffee Aficionado — To the coffee bean aficionado, nothing says I love you more than a new a single-serve coffee maker from Dolce Gusto, one of the top two single serve machines on the market. Nespresso makes the other top machine, but it’s limited to just coffee. The Dolce Gusto makes hot or cold beverages and brews frothy drinks such as macchiatos, hot chocolate and tea as well.

Capresso frothPRO
Capresso frothPR

Or maybe you’re looking for something smaller to complement your current machine. The Capresso frothPRO is perfect. It’s one of those things you probably don’t have, you think you don’t need, but once it’s yours, you wonder how you lived without it. Basically it’s a milk frother, which makes it easy to top your coffee or espresso with a dollop of warm frothy milk — and trust us, there’s just no going back.


Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? What surprises do you have up your sleeve? Maybe you want to surprise your honey with an easy-to-make animated movie that takes no time to make? There’s also the Nike Fuel band to track activity throughout your day. Let’s hear your most creative gift ideas. We’re always adding to our collections.

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