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Rise & SHINE in 2013 – Happy New Year!!

A brand new day. A brand new start to 2013.
A brand new day. A brand new start to 2013.

Let me start by saying I am not a morning person. But, on Thursday, January  3rd,  I awoke to something so breathtaking, so life-altering, it has shifted everything for me for the year to come and for what I’m sure will be forever. At first glance, it was not so unusual. The skyline aglow from afar as I started my day between 6:30 and 7 am. Typical morning, me half awake, dragging my scarf and running out the door to make the 7:15 MetroNorth train into New York City. My recent new early routine started back in November causing me to move my alarm clock back to 6 am, which I must confess, is new territory.  But there it was again. The glow.

I’d decided this was the day to pause, put the car keys back in my pocket and go get that closer look I’d kept meaning to do.  I walked through the parking lot passed all obstruction to see where that magical glow was coming from. And there it was. As I looked out across the Long Island Sound, peaking up from the horizon was the beginning of the most spectacular sunrise simply going about its typical day. The skyline burned a fiery orange and red, contrasted by the deeper blue sea and the sky above. Corny, I know, but I was giddier than a kid in footed pajamas on Christmas morning.  Now I am a sucker for a good sunset. Something I’ve longed to see more of, but have been denied living on the east coast.  But THIS…. Now THIS changed everything!

The seagulls were flying through the rays of light jutting out into infinity. The reflection of the ball of fire lit the water into a golden pathway toward my feet inviting me forward. I took as many photos as I could on my iPhone, vowing to come back with my camera, when I realized –oh my god — it was going to happen again tomorrow – and again the next day! The realization that I’ve had the most beautiful morning sunrise in my own backyard for now as long as 6+ years,  absolutely astonished me. How could I have missed this? This was the first time I’d EVER stopped to go see it. And ever since, it has lit me up every day.

So why this very untypical GoTechMom post? To share with you my new awakening and inspiration going forward into 2013: (1) When you find something that moves you to near tears of joy, know and recognize that this is your passion—be it light, photography, music, writing, invention, cooking or your first sunrise, whatever it is, embrace it. Stop and make time for it. Go look for it again and again. And make it a regular part of your life.  It will bring you great joy.  And (2) sometimes, just sometimes, you will find that your greatest happiness is right outside your door.

xo GoTechMom

and as always, “do what you love, love what you do”


THIS JUST IN>>>>   I’m am THRILLED to report perhaps the most BEAUTIFUL sunrise just might be in THUNDER BAY, ONTARIO  CANADA!! Just look at this sunrise coming up over the rock formation, “The Sleeping Giant”  WOW!!! Thanks Debi Taylor for inspiring ME!!! xoxo

The Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada by Debi Taylor


The Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada by Debi Taylor
The Sleeping Giant in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada by Debi Taylor

Does music light you up? You’ll love this amazing collection of 2012’s top pop hits mashed into one. If photography is your thing, check out GTM’s photo tips that will keep you coming back for more. What fills you up? Let us know and we’ll give you more of what you love. 

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  • Hi Maureen,
    Where did you shoot this?
    I can’t wait to come home! Miss you ..

  • Glad you like my pictures, Maureen! I hadn’t seen Auntie Edna’s post until this morning, after you posted them. Now you have to come here with your good camera and take some new pictures of the Giant waking up!

    • How ironic!! Thought for sure you’d taken the photo as a result of her post!! I’m SOOO glad you did! It is truly spectacular!!!

  • Very inspiring and uplifting piece, Maureen! You are an amazing writer. Often what brings us the most joy was right there all along but we never saw it before! Keep glowing!

  • This is so beautiful, both the image and your words. Thanks Maureen, you’re inspiring me to try to get out there and actually watch the sunrise!

    • Oh Kim, I am so happy to hear that! Lord knows it’s not easy to get up early, but it’s like watching the ultimate show — I simply want to applaud afterward. — xo M

  • Beautiful sunrise but Maureen wait until you see the sun rise up behind our sleeping giant and that would be another awesome picture. You should be a writer, well done. Hugs, Auntie Ed. XXOO

    • Oh you MUST take a picture and send me! How I would LOVE to photograph that with the good camera!!! Thanks for reading. I’ll keep writing ; )

  • Thanks for posting this. I’m currently in my commute train and literally forgot that I was in the crowded train. Thanks for sharing and giving me a shot of inspiration.

  • Wow, absolutely beautiful & breathtaking. We are so lucky to live where we do and to be able to experience such amazing wonders as part of our everyday life. Definitely a “count your blessings” kind of moment!

    • Yes for sure. And there are different unique wonders to be found in many forms other than sunrises. Always keep an eye open for the spectacular! Xo M

  • Really Beautiful Maureen! Thanks for sharing!! I’m lucky enough to have a east facing window and that beautiful sunrise usually frustrates the crap out of me! haha — but some mornings, I’ll get up to look for a few minutes before going back to bed. The city is quiet (rarity) and the sky is on fire. You feel like you’re the only one watching. Makes for good days.

  • I loved reading this and I am not a morning person either but actually felt like i wish I could be there to see that! With a nice grande coffee of course…

  • Wow! That was just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the picture and your beautiful thoughts and writing. You are an amazing writer.