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Mommy builds a robot.

Lucas testing out his newly assembled robot pet, “Scrubby”

Don’t know about you other moms, but for me pregnancy brought visions of future tea cup parties, barbie dolls, cooking and hair play — a far cry from the scientific explorations and new adventures that my “baby” boy has brought me on. Take for example, his latest toy robot. It came in a box with a packet of wires, screws and nuts, complete with instructions in 7 languages.

This time, instead of my usual GoTo response of, “Honey, daddy will help you build that,” I rolled up my sleeves, put on my Mommy magnifiers and alas, found the screwdriver.

I’m writing this post to encourage all my fellow girly-mommies to try out some of these new gadget toys. Yes, at first it was daunting, but after reading the instructions as if a cookbook, I found myself proudly wiring a scrub brush into complete mobility. Move the back brush up, down and left or right and it creates direction for the little bot.

Mommies, fear not.

I’m pretty sure that I have never wired anything together in terms of toys in my lifetime and will go further to say not as an adult either. But learning how do to this alongside my first-grader without electrocuting either one of us has given me a newfound pleasure I never would have imagined.
Try it. Here’s where we found the Brush Robot

Ever wired a toy together before? If so what was it? Think I’ll take on the doorbell next ; )

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