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The Zagg Keyboard for iPad – thumbs up


I’ve been using the Zagg iPad keyboard since May when my equally self-proclaimed tech-geek husband presented it to me on Mother’s Day. At first glance, we were both a little unsure of the new investment as it was a tad heavier than expected. With both the iPad and keyboard inside the case, it felt and looked about the same size and weight as my HP minibook now sitting dusty on the shelf. Which begged the question, “What have we recreated here?”  

I charged up the new keyboard with the included adapter and no sooner began typing away as if it were a laptop. Nnice. The keyboard responded easily and was far better than the HP Minibook, whose thumb-mouse is awkwardly positioned vertically, and, well, it’s not a Mac. So how is this better than the MacBook Air or smallest MacBook? My new keyboard case was raising more questions on how to define my iPad, which until moments ago I had deemed more of a lightweight ebook reader and oversized app holder. Did I like the new Zagg case? I definitely LOVED typing on the keyboard into my iPad. This was far better than a Minibook or any other laptop as you just open an app and presto, you’re ready to go without waiting for boot-up time or software to load. It’s smaller size makes it a fabulous alternative for hauling into meetings, airplanes, conferences or elsewhere. The combination iPad and keyboard provides brilliant access on a moment’s notice to anyone who needs or loves to write. On the flip side, I don’t really want all that extra bulk when I use my iPad for other things such as reading, drawing with my art apps, or taking photos or videos. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to shoot or draw anything while fumbling with a keyboard attached. Part of me wasn’t ready to let go of my previous sleek, slip-it-in-a-side-pocket protective case designed to protect my iPad. So was the Zagg Keyboard case a winner? Well, yes. Yes. Indeed. Though I decided to keep both.

Lightweight keyboard
Easy to type and control applications
Works with both iPhone and iPad

Bulky/heavy though lighter than a laptop
Limits usability to writing

What kind of case do you like best for your iPad?

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  • I for one don’t like the bulky keypad cases because to me, the whole idea is that all you need is the iPad. Nice, compact, with no appendages. But, if you are using the iPad as your main computer or you are someone who types quite a bit on an iPad, like a blogger, then this case looks like a winner! I still hold on to my original sensation when I first picked up an iPad. If you use one, you will want one. Hehe….

    • Well said. My thoughts exactly. There’s something innately beautiful in the sleek light design and it’s a shame to add anything that distracts from it. My “other case” is still a thin back cover to matching the rollout top. Thanks for sharing.

  • I’m still not a MAC convert so I’m holding out to see how Google Nexus and whatever Microsoft is developing stand up to the competition. Any thoughts on Google Nexus?

    • Google has come along way since they “lost” me at GoogleTV. I’m still betting on Google to win the tech race in the long run as they hold the lead on information & search. Not quite as user-friendly as Apple but almost. The Nexus looks great and I’d give it a go before Microsoft.