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Happy July 4th! (Okay, 5th)


I’d intended on writing a post on how to take the perfect fireworks photo, never an easy thing to accomplish in total darkness. Problem was, I didn’t have the answer. After much experimentation last night, I got a few shots and pointers worth posting.


1. You definitely need a tripod.
2. If you want to capture the scene along with the fireworks, you want a wide angle lens. I used a Sigma 10-20mm lens for this photo — by far my favorite for landscapes. My camera is a Canon EOS 40D.
3. Leave the shutter open for a long time. I experimented with a range between 4 to 30 seconds. The longer it’s open, the more fireworks you get it —but it can get blurry.  I landed on 20 seconds with an f/32 ISO 400

Hope you enjoy!!! PS my photos are on sale in Rye, NY at Gallery 52. 



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