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“Hi handsome. What can I do for you today?”


Give dad a big surprise this Father’s Day by training SIRI on his iPhone to refer to him by a new name. Try out “Handsome,” “Big Strong Muscle Man,” “Sex Machine,” “Honey Bunny,” “Grizzly Bear” or whatever secret pet name you have for your man.

First, make sure he has himself listed in his Contacts. Then hold down the main round switch to get SIRI. Tell SIRI My name is (husband’s real name) If he hasn’t set this up yet, you’ll be prompted to a SIRI menu in settings. Press this and go to “My Info” and choose your hubby from the contact info.

Once this is set up, tell SIRI to “Call me (whatever fun petname you choose for your man)”

That’s it. The next time your honey talks to SIRI, she will publicly call him out by his new pet name ; )


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