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The Winning Father’s Day gifts are…


When my husband was publicly eyeing the very gift I had wrapped up for him for Father’s Day, I did my usual frowney eyebrow scowl and said “Hey, I already got that for you for Father’s Day!” Guess it was my ego speaking, but  I wanted the credit for coming up with it on my own so he didn’t think it was completely HIS idea.

The Nike+FuelBand

Hubby didn’t seem to mind unwrapping his new Nike+FuelBand way earlier than Father’s Day. In fact, he had it on his wrist and programmed before I could even ask if he liked it or wanted to exchange it. Now my guy is pretty active, loves to run and uses Nike+GPS on his phone to track his pace and route. So I was on the fence whether to get the FuelBand or the Nike+Sportwatch or Sportband which unlike the FuelBand both have Nike+GPS tracking software. The big sell for me was the FuelBand is something you wear all day, calculates daily energy expenditure goals, tracks calories burned and exercise completed, so it’s more of a lifestyle tracker embedded in a very cool-looking watch. The others you use just when  you walk or run, and he already has the software on his phone. But all three look like great options.

Mendocina Cookies

As for my own father? He’s getting a box of homemade cookies …oh no, not made by me….but from the Mendocino Cookie Company. This is the best thing I could come up with in liu of sending a great big hug. These cookies are amazing and a true winner for gifts they’ll love.

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