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Make slideshow movies fast and on the go.


On Mother’s Day, I discovered this fun little slideshow and movie maker from My first reaction was, and I’m a tough critic, “Oh sure, you can make a slideshow on any Apple computer just as easily using iMovie”

Then I tried it.

With one click, I was logged in through facebook and able to pull in all my albums from there into my slideshow. Just as convenient were a slew of other photo album options at my fingertips.

Choose a template style NOT marked “Pro” –unless you’re already sold and want to upgrade, which for $5 a month is not a bad deal for unlimited video options and better templates.
Select your photos to include. Don’t worry, the robot will cut you off when you choose enough for your free thirty seconds.
Choose your favorite cheesy music from their options, which go perfectly with the templates. You can, of course, upload your own.
Then create your video, and do with it what you will: Post it on facebook, twitter, YouTube, email it to relatives or embed it in a blog like this one.
I’m thinking it would make a nice surprise for Father’s Day, unless of course you blow the reveal by posting it on your blog one month too early.
Did I mention there’s a free mobile app too so you can create the whole thing from your phone? Imagine the possibilities!


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