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How to use your iPhone Mirror


My good friend and fellow mom Camelia sent me an instant message the other day saying, “I think they have to make an iPhone for the ladies with a mirror.” It’s a brilliant idea. And I couldn’t help but wonder if it wasn’t  spawned after I’d secretly trained her SIRI to call her “Beautiful.” Camelia is not the first to conjure up the idea for an iPhone mirror application.  In fact, if you go to the iTunes app store, you’ll find a bunch, for example there’s ARMirror,  MirrorTM or Mirror* and all are either free or $ .99.

BUT…. the iPhone already COMES with a mirror. It’s called your camera. And I use it frequently by flipping the camera around to the front and just looking at my phone to check for mascara smears or lipstick ratio.  When you’re looking at yourself in your phone, everyone just assumes you’re reading email, or tweeting or checking Facebook, so you don’t look half as conspicuous as you may feel. That’s my little secret tip for today.

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