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Cool Moms Deserve a Cool New Bag.

My favorite bags for lugging laptops, iPads, and other mobile office stuff

It’s true, I’m probably not the most typical female on the block, nor is my bag-obsessed husband the most typical male. I never carried a purse until we married, only to benefit from my husband’s bag fetish for the next nine years to date of our marriage. His favorite pick for me, and now mine too, is the cool understated collection of bags by the german manufacturer Bree.

I now own three, thanks to my frequent-flying husband, and use them all for different purposes.  And every time I carry one, someone stops me and asks me where it’s from. My first thought was always,  “too bad you can’t buy one here” But now, according to the website, looks like now you can. They ship to the U.S. Check it out.

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