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Favorite app for custom in-the-mail printed postcards


My family is on vacation and I simply feel guilty if I don’t  share one of my all-time favorite mobile apps for travel—and for loads of other things too—called shoot it. Not to be confused with similarly named gaming apps, shoot it let’s you take a photo from your phone, or pull one in from your mobile photo album, choose a contact or multiple contacts from your  address book, write a little message then press “Shoot It” Your customized postcard is sent into cyberspace to be printed, stamped, mailed and delivered to anywhere you choose within the North America, UK, Japan or Western Europe. Doesn’t matter where you are. You could press “Shoot It” from the north pole, as long as you’re connecting from wi fi. That’s the beauty of this sweet little mobile app. I’ve used it to send last minute Christmas cards, birthday invitations, thank you cards, and the occasional “Thinking of you card” with a personal photo and note.

When you download the free app from the Apple store, your first postcard is also free. After that it’s only $1.29 for any address in the US, $1.54 to any address in the rest of North America, the UK and Japan, and $1.79 to any address in the rest of Western Europe and Asia. So enter a few bucks into your account and you’re fully loaded and ready to start shooting. Enjoy!

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