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App-solutely Necessary: BillMinder & PageOnce Bills


No doubt, I go through an extraordinary number of mobile apps, testing them out, keeping  a handful, then falling in and out of love. One app that’s withstood the test of time and handsdown keeps my attention monthly is a fairly simple application called BillMinder.  For $1.99 in the iTunes app store, it lets you organize your upcoming monthly bills into categories like credit cards, home, medical, utilities, kids and so on, then view them as a list or calendar with a 7-day notice of payment due in advance.

Unlike Pageonce, another 5-star app which lets you synchronizes your account information and pay your bills as they come up, BillMinder requires inputting your monthly payment manually, which is the route I’ve taken to avoid sharing sensitive account information. Give either app a go depending on your level of comfort, and you’ll never be late for another bill payment again.

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