It’s Valentine’s Day, but now served up through the lens of Mom Goggles, as in “What do I have to make, bake, or create for a class of 23 small people?” Way different than, “Do I buy the lacy black teddy or the red one?” <Sigh> How things change once you become a mom. Friday the 13th […]

It’s pitch black. You’re alone in a dimly lit parking lot with a long walk back to your car. Whether you were working late, running an errand, or heading home after a night out with the girls, you say to yourself, “How did I get myself into this situation?” and pray that some freak wearing a […]

Ah, the first day of summer. What a perfect time to give the home a summer refresh on a shoestring. Now, for those of us moms smart enough to know that choosing a neutral, earth-tone furniture base gives the perfect foundation for changing up accents per mood or season, you’ll be happy to learn of […]

Arguably, this novel way to fold a shirt has nothing to do with high-tech.  But its brilliantly devised methodology turns the ordinary task of shirt-folding into a perfectly, near-automated mechanical process. Have a look. You’ll see what I mean. (Now to teach my seven-year-old…)

‎1. On the first day of Halloween, Sandy gave to me…. A blow to Westchester County. 2. One the second day of Halloween, Sandy gave to me… Two feet of water…. 3. On the third day of Halloween, Sandy gave to me… “Call us if your phone’s out” 4. On the fourth day of Halloween, […]

Now that may seem like a strange question, but the Personal Video Recorder you choose does reveal a thing or two about your personality, particularly in terms of your television viewing.  The best way I can illustrate this is by using friends I know and how they use their PVRs (and yes, maybe one of […]

It’s an amazing time we live in with literally any thought we have capable of being manifested on a moments notice, thanks to an onslaught of new technologies at our fingertips. We can do things like, say, start a technology blog for moms right on our cell phone while between sips of latte at Starbucks. […]