In an effort to help marketers crack the social media search code, Facebook is introducing its latest tool called Graph Search. Of course Zuckerberg serves this up to his fan base as a great way to better connect with others who share the same interests. But anyone with a digital marketing background knows this is […]

Although Google+ is now one and a half years old, many fans and friends still ask what it is, why they’ve been added to someone’s Circles (okay, particularly mine) and whether they need it when Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are already overwhelming them. Good question — in fact it’s one that has many social media […]

I stumbled upon this post back in July on Business Insider and have since read it often. It is so aligned with what I believe,  I wanted to share it with my readers. Thank you  Dan Waldschmidt, Edgy Conversations  for  writing it. 20 Ways To Get What You Want Before You Even Want It 1. […]

You run your family like you run a business, so why not get your own conference call line with Mid-sized businesses and start-ups take advantage of this fabulous free service for connecting several clients and colleagues together by phone. You can use it too, say for a big family Sunday afternoon chat with those […]

Oh yes you can. Plenty of mom-preneurs are doing it. And here’s how to start. Take one of your hobbies, say photography, painting, gardening—you name it—and create a facebook business page. Give it a name, and follow the instructions to set it up. Once you have 20 followers, you can create a better URL name, […]