The Perfect Just-In-Time Father’s Day Gift

felt 1How often have you taken the time to put pen to paper and send someone a card or a letter just to say “Hello”? The answer is “probably not often”, because our tech-dominated world has made handwritten letters and cards nearly obsolete. However, a mobile app called Felt is simplifying ways to send cards by letting you create and mail them directly from your mobile phone—all while maintaining the charm of a handwritten card. The app allows you to choose a personal photo or choose from its selection of original card designs. You can either handwrite your message using your finger, or choose “text” and type it. You can also doodle on the front or back of the card as well as on the envelope including handwriting the address. The app itself is free, but one card plus an envelope with a first class stamp is only $3 and it only takes 3-5 days for delivery.

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With Father’s Day rapidly approaching, Felt app has introduced a line of cards just for Dad, with and without a monetary gift card attached. What better way to make your Dad happy?

“You taught me if you want it done right you have to do it yourself. So buy your own damn gift, Dad” is the perfect set-up to the Home Depot gift card. “Considering all the money you’ve spent on me, a gift card is really the worst R.O.I. ever. Sorry, Happy Father’s Day” includes a Visa gift card. These are only two of many hilarious card options to send Dad this Father’s Day.

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So instead of letting Dad receive constant bills in the mail, try brightening his Father’s Day by sending him a heartfelt, personalized card from Felt’s Dad-Gift CollectionThere’s no better feeling than knowing someone took the time to share their feelings to you, personally.
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Do you love sending cards by phone for any occasion? While you’re testing out Felt, also give Thank You Pro a try. Both options are terrific. Got a favorite app you’d like us to review? Please share in the comments below. 

By Lindsey Pollock
Pace University Student



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