Bet you haven’t seen a camera app like this one before. It turns your whole family Japanese. Or in our case, my Japanese family into Anime. The most fun was watching hubby translate the captions into pseudo Batman english. Manga Camera, at the app store.

Arrrrghhh!!! — that’s as close as we can translate it


POW!! ZAP!!! SPLAT!!! …er something like that.



Translation: “Hyper-Media Creator” –I’m going with it.

What’s your favorite camera app?  Check out a few fun things you can do with all those great shots.

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  1. I like Manga Camera but I’m hesitant to use it too much because I don’t know what the Japanese text says. Most others won’t either but I don’t want someone on Facebook to point out that the awesome picture of my car says “Poop”.

    There’s a new version of Manga Camera out now with a bunch of new frames. Do you know any good resources for translating the text in the frames?

    • Very good point. I rely on my Japanese hubby. It’s true, one of the frames text translates exactly to “My back teeth hurt,” where others are more like batman-esque sounds like “Pow!” or “Zap!” I’m sure with research you could find direct translations. Tell you what, I will update the post and translate them for you. That is, my husband will ; ) Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m on it!

  2. That is cool! And I do love free. 😉


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