If you’ve got kids, you’ll probably head out for Trick-or-Treating around 5:30 or 6 PM with plenty of light outside. But before you know it, night has fallen and costumed kids will be running amass making it impossible to identify which one is yours. You could dress your little ghoul as Luke Skywalker (again) complete with […]

Bet you haven’t seen a camera app like this one before. It turns your whole family Japanese. Or in our case, my Japanese family into Anime. The most fun was watching hubby translate the captions into pseudo Batman english. Manga Camera, at the app store.     What’s your favorite camera app?  Check out a […]

I stumbled upon this post back in July on Business Insider and have since read it often. It is so aligned with what I believe,  I wanted to share it with my readers. Thank you  Dan Waldschmidt, Edgy Conversations  for  writing it. 20 Ways To Get What You Want Before You Even Want It 1. […]