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Run a business between drop-off and pick-up: Tips on creating a great facebook business page.

Oh yes you can. Plenty of mom-preneurs are doing it. And here’s how to start.
Take one of your hobbies, say photography, painting, gardening—you name it—and create a facebook business page. Give it a name, and follow the instructions to set it up. Once you have 20 followers, you can create a better URL name, like say instead of It also looks better on a business card.

Once it’s up, here’s where the magic happens. Use one or more of these free facebook page building clients to create a mini-social-website for your company. You can create several pages. Use one for showcasing your work, another for holding a contest or delivering a coupon, another with a downloadable .PDF catalogue or pricesheet and so on. Sky is the limit, really. The best way to illustrate what you can do in facebook is to introduce you to a few of my favorite page builders: Lujure, Shortstack, Pagemodo, Involver and Constant Contact. Again each one offers a free version that lets you create one or two pages, with that company’s logo on it. Other monthly plans, without the logo, are also available.


Lujure dashboard for building pages

Lujure – Lujure was the first to sell me on the idea of custom facebook pages. They make it easy to create pages using drag and drop functionality, and the widgets give flexibility to create your own unique look. Other bonuses are the ability to add ecommerce, as well as iframe an exisiting website into your facebook page. For example, if you had an ebook for sale on Amazon, you could back-end that page into your facebook page where friends could then share it, like it and better yet buy it.


Photo contest template

ShortStack – I discovered ShortStack from someone looking to run a photo competition on his company’s facebook page. A brilliant idea indeed, and not many page builders offered this feature. As I tinkered around a bit,  I noticed several really great, easy–to-customize templates for hosting sweepstakes, coupons, geo location maps, Pinterest and video and much more. I particularly like how easy it was to navigate.


Pagemodo Feature

Pagemodo–Pagemodo was, at one time, a front runner for building custom tabs. The templates are very easy to use, but are also very “templatey” not offering much flexibility to make them your own. What appealed to me most was the Agency Plan with unlimited page builds for $33.25/month (and no Pagemodo logos) vs Lujure’s equivalent for $300/month. I signed up, but what followed was the worst customer service experience I’ve ever had regarding billing. I aborted.


Constant Contact charges by fan #

Constant Contact– A big name in email programs, Constant Contact has jumped on the facebook page building bandwagon. They’re offering templates for printable coupons, fundraisers, events, ecommerce and downloadable content. This is a great option if your fan base is less than 100, as the price remains forever free. The more fans you acquire, however, the price goes up. Catch 22



Choose the kind of page you'd like to create

Involver – Some big named social media companies use Involver, another great option to build your pages. Just go to the applications section and select which kind of page you’d like to add. Choose from badges, virtual gifts, polls, forums, leaderboards and more. You’re allowed two free basic pages, with a fee for creating business pages or additional pages.

I’m a bit partial to ShortStack and Lujure, but try them all out. They wouldn’t have made the list if they weren’t my favorites. And the very best to you in all of your business ventures.

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