The iPad 2 vs. the New iPad

iPad 2 on left, New iPad on right

Hooray! My New iPad arrived on March 16th at the eleventh hour, delivered by a very handsome UPS man. Maybe he looked better after my full day’s wait in anticipation of the delivery. Or maybe because he was now holding the New “Resolutionary” iPad promising incomparable color-rich display of my fabulous DSL photos.

Snap. My focused shifted. I signed for the package. No sooner did I have it unboxed, did I sit it next to my “old” iPad 2 for comparison. It was,of course, the natural thing to do.

At first glance, both iPads looked identical. At second glance, they did too. In actuality, the New one is ever so slightly thicker and heavier. But again, this difference is negligible. I powered them up and started to compare. Off to the photo section.

Yellow Skin Tones & Beige Whites

First I studied several photos I’d saved on both iPads. The photos looked, at best identical, only I noticed the whites on the new one looked beige and the skin tones looked green. I blinked blankly. Maybe I was missing some sort of HD “On” button. Or maybe my photos needed to be higher in resolution. Still hopeful, I went online in search of high resolution photos to display. I found several, including the oranges above, but on both screens, the photos looked fairly the same, with the iPad 2 displaying them actually brighter than the New one. Now I was getting annoyed.

This game went on for the rest of the night with both my husband and me struggling to find a reason to like the “New” one as much as the 2. Nada. We agreed there must be a problem with this particular New iPad I’d received and planned a trip to the Genius Bar.

Next day, my assigned Genius gladly exchanged my “New” one with another one—without my custom engraving, “ Do what you love. Love what you do.” Oh well. At first, I thought the replacement was better and “a little” less yellow than the one I’d ordered, but I was still not truly happy. Even the white on the menus were beige. I couldn’t help but express my disappointment. I took a photo of Grand Central Station below us from my digital camera and loaded it onto both iPads, the “Replacement” and the 2. The resolution on the New Replacement was indeed better than 2, but the color balance calibrated for more red/blue tones on the iPad 2 still looked better hands down. A few other Geniuses were now interested in our conversation. For one last sanity check, we all took the photo over to the section of the store displaying the new iPads and began to compare displays. Every New iPad had a yellowish tint that made the photos look dingier than the iPad 2. Even if you couldn’t see it in the photos with a discerning eye, it was strikingly jarring when comparing the graphics in the iBook bookshelf. “Yes, it looks like the oak bookshelf in the iPad 2 (with red& blue tones) was rebuilt for the New iPad in pine. ( with yellow and green)” said a Genius.


Now that I’ve ranted about my disappointment in the color, I will say there are a few areas where the New iPad wins over the iPad 2. Graphics and typography are surely much crisper and easier on the eye. That means if you’re looking at the menu options or reading a book or report on your New iPad, it’s great. Also, the camera is 5 megapixels vs 1 megapixel on the iPad 2, so all those photos and videos you take with your new iPad (do people really do that?) will be much sharper than the 2. Another plus, is the 4G capability which assumes faster connection speed without a wireless network. But I can’t comment , since after owning both the original iPad & iPad 2 with 3G connectivity only to turn the service off, I’ve ended I going with the new wi-fi only iPad.

I say, what a fabulous time to invest in a discounted iPad2. We miss you Steve.

Compare for yourself

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  1. iPads are awesome. Even more so if you have a cable provider that lets you stream television wirelessly. We have Optimum and carry the thing from room to room watching the news in the morning as we get ready for work/school. Turn on 3G 4G connectivity, and you have a live large GPS in the car.

  2. Awesome comparison! I you may have just convinced me to jump into the iPad world and go for the discounted iPad 2. Will my PC ever forgive me?????