Spotlight: Father’s Day Gift Cards

felt 1

The Perfect Just-In-Time Father’s Day Gift

How often have you taken the time to put pen to paper and send someone a card or a letter just to say “Hello”? The answer is “probably not often”, because our tech-dominated world has made handwritten letters and cards nearly obsolete. However, a mobile app called Felt is simplifying ways to send cards by letting you create and mail them directly from your mobile phone—all while maintaining the charm of a handwritten card. The app allows you to choose a personal photo or choose from its selection of original card designs. You can either handwrite your message using your finger, or choose “text” and type it. You can also doodle on the front or back of the card as well as on the envelope including handwriting the address. The app itself is free, but one card plus an envelope with a first … [Read More...]

For the Love of Gaming

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 isn’t just fun and games—check this out.

The PlayStation 4 isn’t merely a beyond state-of-the-art gaming console that sets a brave new standard for what Next Gen gaming can and should be – it’s a one-size-fits-all, virtual Swiss Army Knife … [Read More...]

Cool Baby Tech

baby lucas

You’ve come along way, baby monitor.

Whether you’re pregnant, a new mom, or simply in need of a super cool baby gift, you’ll be impressed by how technologically advanced today’s baby monitors are. Nowadays, your options are vast in terms … [Read More...]

Mobile: How safe is your mobile phone?

Dark  lot

You’re alone. You’re scared. Think fast.

It’s pitch black. You’re alone in a dimly lit parking lot with a long walk back to your car. Whether you were working late, running an errand, or heading home after a night out with the girls, you say … [Read More...]

Home: A makeover for your home, just a click away.

Start with a neutral base, the same as, let’s say a neutral solid dress, then add your accessories.

Is your home ready for bikini season? Try making it warm&inviting by Libby Langdon.

Ah, the first day of summer. What a perfect time to give the home a summer refresh on a shoestring. Now, for those of us moms smart enough to know that choosing a neutral, earth-tone furniture base … [Read More...]

Gift Ideas: Great Mothers Day Tech Gifts

iPhone Remote Control

Gift Picks for the Tech Savvy Mom.

Show mom how much you love her this Sunday with a high tech gift personalized with old school charm. She’ll be thrilled to flaunt her Modern Momness with one of these special keepsakes that do so much … [Read More...]

Family: Valentines Day Ideas


5 Creative Kids’ Valentines that Won Our Hearts

It’s Valentine’s Day, but now served up through the lens of Mom Goggles, as in “What do I have to make, bake, or create for a class of 23 small people?” Way different than, “Do I buy the lacy black … [Read More...]

Tech: Easy Mailed Thank You’s

Thank You Pro 4

Send REAL printed & mailed cards, from your phone.

How many times have you thought about sending a card to someone to say "Happy Birthday," "Thank You," or simply, "Hello," when life interrupts and thwarts your moment of good intention? No doubt, … [Read More...]

The latest in virtual payments


How fast is YOUR credit card? Not as fast as Visa payWave.

No doubt, the hottest trend in tech for both businesses and their customers is finding safe and easy ways to make the transaction process faster—so you don’t have to waste time standing in the checkout line. There are a few companies who’ve embraced … [Read More...]

Mommy Shortcuts


Fold your laundry in under 2 seconds.

Arguably, this novel way to fold a shirt has nothing to do with high-tech.  But its brilliantly devised methodology turns the ordinary task of shirt-folding into a perfectly, near-automated mechanical process. Have a look. You’ll see what I mean. … [Read More...]

Gift Ideas

I Love You Fun Keyboard

Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Sweetheart

How do you say "I love you" to the man or woman of your dreams? That depends on what makes the heart flutter for your unique lover. For some, it could be a romantic night out. For others, you might … [Read More...]

Social Media: What is Facebook Graph?

Facebook Graph how to

Facebook Graph Search: Should I be worried about privacy?

In an effort to help marketers crack the social media search code, Facebook is introducing its latest tool called Graph Search. Of course Zuckerberg serves this up to his fan base as a great way to … [Read More...]

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